Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PAKISTAN - the most beautiful country in the World

Pakistan is one of the most beautiful country on the planet and exhibits all forms of lands from deserts to mountains. The land height from mean sea level varies from the 0 Feet on the beach of Arabian Sea to 28251 Feet at the summit of K-2 - World's Second Highest Peak.
I was planning to do a venture to share the most amazing places in Pakistan, but my plan got delayed due to various reasons (Like every blogger ;) ), but I have decided that now is the time and I must take action.
So I am starting a series of posts to share the most picturesque places from my beloved Pakistan.
In this series, I shall be posting the details about many locations in Pakistan as follows (You can click on the names of places to visit them too - I will be uploading the links one post at a time and adding more locations):-
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