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Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge in Sukkur-Rohri, Sindh, Pakistan - Amazing Architecture and Rich History

This beautiful sight is offered in the Southern province of Pakistan - SINDH. The two bridges are named as Ayub Arch (in front) and Lansdowne Bridge (at the rear).

History behind the Name : Ayub Arch is named after Pakistan's Military President Field Marshall Ayub Khan who ruled Pakistan from 1958-1970. Lansdowne Bridge was named after (at the rear).
SIZE of  Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge  : It is hardly 4 kms in length with a maximum width of 1 km.
HISTORY of  Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge  : The design of Lansdowne Bridge has always been a headline in the Architectural world. At one time it was believed that this design will not hold itself and will fall to rubble, however it has survived more than a century. You can a lot of details from another blog post about the same bridges at : Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge at Sukkur.
LOCATION of Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge : Bridges connecting the twin cities of Sukkur and Rohri in Sindh, Pakistan.
How to Reach  Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge  : You can reach Sukkur via Aeroplane, Train and by road too. The train takes around 6 hours from Karachi while you can travel by road for approx ___ hours to reach this site.
Hotels/Lodging Facilities on  Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge : Being the 3rd largest city of Sindh province, you can get all sorts of hotels and lodging facilities at Sukkur. Some of the best hotels in the town include InterPak Inn Hotel, Hotel Al-Habib and Mehran Hotel Sukkur.
Specialities of  Ayub Arch and Lansdowne Bridge :

  • Lansdowne Bridge was the longest rigid girder bridge in the World, when its construction began in 1887.
  • Lansdowne Bridge is a Railway bridge.
  • Lansdowne Bridge was inaugurated on March 25, 1889.
  • The bridge provided the Railway link between Lahore and Karachi. Before the construction of bridge the train boggies were required to be transported across the river on ferries.
  • The great steel Ayub Arch was constructed in 1962 and railway traffic was shifted there. 
  • About a hundred feet apart, the two bridges seem like one from a distance. 
  • The Ayub Arch became the world's third longest railway arch span and the first bridge in the world to have "the Railway desk slung on coiled wire rope suspenders." 
  • Dr. D.D. Steinman of New York, proponent of 'vocational aesthetics' designed this graceful bridge which cost about two crore rupees. 
  • The foundation stone of Ayub Arch was laid on December 9, 1960. 
  • Ayub Arch was opened by President Muhammad Ayub Khan on May 6, 1962.
A night view of this beautiful set of bridges can not be forgotten for a long time.
Have you visited these amazing engineering marvel?
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