Thursday, October 29, 2009

A "Lovely" Trip to Lulusar Lake in the last week of October 09

A lovely trip to Lulusar Lake is definitely a treat but how about going to Lulusar Lake in the last week of October? Believe me it was still a treat while the mountains were covered in a beautiful white sheet of snow. The road and the mountains around the Lulusar Lake were also white as the fleece of Mary's Little Lamb - I hope that you remember "Mary had a Little Lamb - Its fleece was white as snow" :) So check these cool photos out:

A photo on the road to the magnificent Lulusar Lake:

A photo of the road on the edge of Lulusar Lake - The snow is getting thicker and thicker.

A beautiful view of the gorgeous Lulusar Lake:

Here is another photo of a magnificent view near the lake:


  1. swat is called Switzerland of east such a beautiful places i never forget.

    pegasos world

  2. this true color of nature such a beautiful khaghan valley lulusar lake and naran most beautiful places in pakistan.

    pegasos world

  3. I believe that Switzerland is "Swat of the West"! What do you say?


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