Thursday, October 29, 2009

A trip to Babusar Pass in Early Winter Season

I happened to visit Babusar Pass on 23 October 2009. Although the greenery is almost finished, but still the views were absolutely Magnificent. It was chilling cold in the way as well as on the top. Here are a couple of photos of the visit.
The first one is the photo taken from the top of the Babusar Pass and features the view of the valley towards Chillas. The spiral-curling road finds its way down from the top very quickly. It looks just like a spring.

The 2nd one is a lovely photo of snow-covered portion of the Babusar Pass.

Here is a magnificent photo of the vast pastures of Gitidas from Babusar Pass. In the middle you can see the famous Polo Ground which features many Polo games during the summer season. At this point in time, the green pastures have been withered, entire area has been vacated because of the fear of arrival of harsh winter season and the mountains have been covered with white snow. Still the creativity of Allah Almighty can be seen clearly.


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  2. @Shawn: Thanks a lot for your appreciation. I will try to update my blog more often than usual and do my best to get latest tourist information on various tourist attractions and holiday destinations in Pakistan.


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